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Target Grooming Box for Men

To me, men seem to be harder to buy for than women, so I’m always looking for creative gift ideas.  This is certainly a unique one: Target Beauty Box – Men.  I thought my husband might enjoy it, and it made an easy Father’s Day gift. Plus, men need grooming too; right, ladies?! Now, I don’t… Continue reading Target Grooming Box for Men

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7 Easy (mostly FREE) Ways to Make Playtime New Again

Because we share our play space with our rec room and home office, it takes some creativity to make each its own designated space. It turns out just moving around furniture can make the space feel fresh and new. This inspired today’s post about 7 easy ways to make playtime new and entertaining for your… Continue reading 7 Easy (mostly FREE) Ways to Make Playtime New Again

Featured Products

Favorite Quarterly Subscription Box: FabFitFun

The problem with writing about the new in my life is that life is endlessly changing. Even when I don’t think things are changing, they are. And with that I am trying new things daily, but forever behind in writing about them. Ugh! The best part of this post is that I am writing it… Continue reading Favorite Quarterly Subscription Box: FabFitFun


Nobody Has to Know: The Tasty Mix that “Fakes” Homemade

We love Annie’s products, from the pancake mix to the mac and cheese, this company makes a great organic product. While browsing in the aisles at Woodman’s, I discovered the Annie’s Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. It was a must buy since I was in an indulgent–I just completed another school year–need a fix mood. Um,… Continue reading Nobody Has to Know: The Tasty Mix that “Fakes” Homemade


The Iced Drink I’m Hooked on Right Now

Earlier in spring, I broke free from my standard Starbucks order, extra hot Caramel Macchiato, and tried the Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. It was a delicious find; I figured since it is finally hot out, I’d give the iced version a try. I’m normally not an iced coffee kind of gal, but this did not… Continue reading The Iced Drink I’m Hooked on Right Now


For those Summer Nights

It’s almost here. The Midwest’s most yearned for time of the year: summer. Three short months of humid days and warm mosquito filled nights. It’s the time of year we can stay up later and linger outside a little longer. On those particularly relaxing summer nights, where friends and family have gathered to mingle, a fun past… Continue reading For those Summer Nights


June’s 30 Day Challenge Revealed

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJs mention that June 1st is “Say Something Nice Day.”  Many listeners were calling in to thank the radio station for their program and sent warm wishes to others they had thought about like grandparents, parents, spouses, co-workers, etc. After thinking about it, it seems silly that… Continue reading June’s 30 Day Challenge Revealed