Spare 20 Minutes for a Better Body You Can Get at Home

With the new year comes new promises to lose weight, eat healthy, and workout more often. What also comes to mind is the time commitment to do all three and actually reach those well intended goals and resolutions. Two years ago when I had my second child, I realized if I wanted to find a way to workout, I needed to find something that did not take much time yet was effective. A friend of mine, told me about the Bikini Body Mommy 3.0 Challenge. With just 20 minutes of time, I was able to get in an effective workout right in my own home and best of all it’s FREE! No driving to the gym and no high costs for a gym membership. SOLD!

Once I find something I like, I typically do a nice job sticking with it, but I came up short on the 5.0 series after starting out a new school year and trying to recover from bronchitis.

In the spirit of trying something new-and actually getting myself back to working out again-I tried one of the Maintenance Series workouts, Move It or Lose It. This workout was 20:55 seconds with a 3 min warm up and 5 minute cooldown. What makes her workouts so effective is that she keeps you moving at high intensity intervals and uses free weights and body weight to get you into shape. I love it!

The Maintenance Series has four different videos that would be great as a stand alone or an addition to any workouts you’re currently doing.

Strong is Sexy (21:41)
Burn Baby Burn (24:15)
Move It or Lose It (20:55)
Pump You Up (21:51)

The Maintenance Series video clips are a bit longer than 20 minutes, but worth a try. If I was able to get in a workout with one potty training kid who insisted on sitting on the toilet for half of the time and another space infringing but determined child insisting on doing the workouts by my side than you can too.

bkizvzktdrga1hcmnj_bgxa0wggupxh8afk4yw56ca8px92ibOur selfie blurred as we moved to do leg lift planks, but we are all smiles.

If you like these Maintenance Series videos, then you should really consider trying one of her free 90 day series: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. She also has her most current edition a paid live version 6.0.  With all series you track your results from home with just free weights, notebook, and elevated surface. One of the best parts of these videos are all the wonderful modifications to make the routine harder or easier. It’s completely worth the challenge.You can click here to go to the Bikini Body Mommy Website where you can create a free account to access the free challenges as well as view her other paid series.

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