Stay Focused & Beat the Winter Blues with a Cup of Tea

I am a huge fan of coffee, but during the winter months, I fight the cold by sipping a warm cup of tea. I love the sound of the tea kettle as it whistles on the stove, and I love watching the steam bellowing out of the cup as I pour the piping hot water over the tea leaves. Holding on to that warm mug warms my whole body and puts a smile on my face.

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The first week of January, I went to Appleton with my mom and two sisters. As part of our outing, we stopped at Fava Tea Company to sample their featured teas. I’ve had Fava Tea in the past, but this time I picked up a new seasonal variety, Sleigh Ride. I chose this because I loved the natural sweetness of this tea; it didn’t need any sugar, and even though it was no longer Christmas, I couldn’t pass it up.

With my only purchase of the day in hand, I went home excited to make my own cup at home. I would have to say it was just as enjoyable as in store. As I sit here blogging, it makes the experience just that more enjoyable; I am reminded of earlier this month when I got to spend a day having lunch and shopping with my family; it puts a smile on my face.  If you get a chance, give Fava Tea a try.  A cup of tea might help you stay focused and boost your mood helping you beat the winter blues (8 more ways from Real Simple) and putting a smile on your face. 2017-01-17_13-35-16_408 (2017-01-25T02_55_50.853).jpeg

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