Your Phone is the Only Equipment You Need for This Workout

Only have 5 minutes? Perfect, then you can Sworkit. Sworkit is an awesome app that you can download on your device allowing you to choose the type and duration of your workout. The best thing about Sworkit is thatgalaxynexus-workoutScreen.png you don’t need any workout equipment.

Sworkit features four workout types: strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching. You can choose your workout from hundreds of exercises. Each workout length can be customized from five to sixty minutes which is perfect for me. I can fit in an ab workout between commercials or a few yoga stretches while playing in the basement with the kids.

I particularly like the strength for the ab workouts because I don’t do a lot of abdominal work on a regular basis. The variety is great including planks, sit-up, elevated crunches, supine bicycle, twisting crunches, and more. There are about twenty total ab exercises. If there is one you don’t like, you can click to skip the exercise and a new one automatically gets added.

The new workout I was able to try was the cardio. In the cardio section, there is a boot camp inspired workout which includes squat jumps, star jumps, mountain climbers, high jumper,  front kicks plus core related such as six inches and hold, diamond push ups, swimmer, and plank. It’s a great mix. There are five second intervals in between each workout which you can skip if you want to up the intensity. I find I go at a faster pace than the demo, but it doesn’t matter; I just end up getting a more intense workout and a few repeats of the exercises. Either way my heart rate was around 135 after 10 minutes of using the app which hits my target heart rate. Hooray!

I also tried five minutes of yoga for runners. By no means will it replace my 60 minute sessions at the studio, but it gave me a little extra stretching I wouldn’t have done from home otherwise.

At the end of the workout, Sworkit gives you the duration of your workout and calories burned. All of these features are free! You can create an account or simply use the app without an account. 

There are premium features that you can choose with a paid account including customizing your workout and specialized workout plans. Sworkit is a great way to get in a little extra movement each day. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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