I Tip My Glass to Mark West

I’ve gotten to know Mark West Pinot Noir over the last year since it is often brought to gatherings at my in-laws house.  It’s a light red wine that compliments many food pairings or is even wonderful to have on its own with some appetizers or chocolate.

Mark West only crafts Pinot Noir in their California Vineyards. By keeping the focus on this type of wine, the company is able to really make it well.

This weekend we tried a different bottle of Mark West: Mark West Black. This Pinot Noir was worth the extra $2. It has a much smoother finish and the fruit forward taste of the grapes, cherries and plums lingers longer. It was an amazing addition to our grilled pork chops, glazed sweet potatoes, and mixed field green salad. This wine is also suggested to pair with flatbread pizza or pulled pork sandwiches.

Guests will enjoy this flexible wine. You can purchase it at many local locations including PIck n Save, Festival Foods, Wal-Mart, The Wine Cellar, Walgreens, and Woodman’s. Bottles start around $10 making this an affordable choice for your next gathering.

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