Your Team is Not in the Super Bowl, Keep the Party Alive with Super Bowl Bingo

Somehow I came across this awesome idea for tomorrow’s big game. With the Packers not in the Super Bowl, we’ll need something to keep our attention focused. The fix: Super Bowl Bingo from the blog She Knows (click the link for her directions and card printouts).


It was such as simple idea, yet one that should help me and our small group of guests focused on the game. The Bingo cards are adorably made and feature images and words such as epic touchdown dance, coach with an angry face, fast-food commercial, and cheerleader hair flip. I love how the focus is not solely on the football game.

You could really play this game any way you want and any way you think will engage your crowd. Possibilities are with the standard five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), four corners, or plus sign. I wouldn’t do blackout because many of the cards have the same images. You could have a Bingo awarded each of the four quarters or divide the Bingo games by halftime. If that’s overwhelming, just have one Bingo for the entire football game; it’s really up to you.

The only downside I noticed was that there are only four premade cards that you can print from her website, but if you are creative enough, you could cut up the images and glue them a different order so that you had more cards. Luckily for me our crew is so incredibly small, four cards will be enough. Enjoy this fun idea and the game.

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