Barre & Yoga: Jenstar Offers a Fantastic Blend that Will Challenge Your Mind, Body, and Soul

This fall I took a liking to yoga. Something I never thought was possible. My first ever experience was at a heated studio in college. The pace was fast, and I had little understanding of the poses. Afterward I thought I’d NEVER go back.

So I turned to other types of fitness. Running has been by workout of choices for years, but then a friend introduced me to my first barre class at Jenstar Movement Studio in De Pere. Barre is an extremely challenging class that will work your entire body: legs, arms, and core. Muscles I didn’t even know existed! But when I had lasting effects from Bronchitis this fall, I needed something that would still challenge me, yet give me more that just a workout.

So, I gave yoga a second chance. This time I had a completely different experience.  I started with a beginner class at Jenstar.  The instructor, Anna, is fantastic. She demonstrates each move, gives modifications, and makes you feel empowered. My favorites are the inspirational passages and essential oils. Such a great touch.

After a few beginner classes, my confidence soared, and I found myself returning to heated yoga, but with the background and skills I needed to do well. It turns out I LOVE yoga.

It ended up being the balance I need right now. Life is so crazy with two little ones. Jenstar Yoga is a place to relax, yet still challenge the mind, body, and soul. It allows me to be present, set my intentions, and most importantly dedicate 60 minutes to myself.

This Saturday Jen, the owner of Jenstar, taught a pop up class that was 50 barre 50 yoga. I was super excited to try it.  I thought it would be the perfect blend of the two classes; it was. The class offered me the challenge I needed.

It seems like barre would solely focus on working the legs, but really it is a great blend of core, leg work, arm work, and stretching. The second half  of the class was yoga which focused on sending our breath to the areas most worked during barre portion.The yoga  included stretching, core, and stability moves. Overall, the class was quite the challenge! The best part was the encouragement, support, and teaching. You leave feeling you are capable and strong.


If you are looking to change up your routine or need a little namaste in your life, try some of Jenstar´s classes. She offers two great specials for newbies called her Studio Introduction Option which is either any 3 classes for $27 or 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $20. If you are like me, you’ll find yourself hooked on the positive energy at the studio.  Visit the Jenstar website to see which class would fit your needs. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you there.

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