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Shutterfly Freebies: The Memory Game is Worth the Shipping

Shutterfly is known for their freebies. Whether it is four free magnets, ten free cards, an 8 x 8 photo book, or 100 4×6 photos, there is usually something you can order at a minimal cost. Although the product is free, there is still a shipping charge which is around $8, but depends on your location; therefore, I am a bit picky about which free items I choose to order.

One of my coworkers told me about Shutterfly’s memory game. Her two boys ages two and four love playing the game and looking at the pictures of family and friends. Because of her recommendation, I decided to give it a try.

With my daughter’s birthday near, I chose photos based on what I thought she’d enjoy seeing as she played the memory game. You get twenty-four 3×3 cards, so you choose twelve of your favorite photos as well as a pattern for the front side of the cards. Putting the game together only took about ten to fifteen minutes which is certainly faster than the photo books.

With the item in my cart, I paid the $8 shipping and waited in anticipation to see how it turned out. When it arrived at my door, I was pleased with the quality. It came in a cute brown Shutterfly box. The cards are glossy and of good quality. Overall, it is worth the shipping price to get the item. The little one is going to love it.

Currently, Shutterfly has a code for $15 off an order of $15 or more. The memory game starts at $19.99, so about $13 after discount and shipping. I was looking at getting the playing cards as a possible gift item. They are on sale for $15.99. They are about $9 with discount and shipping and include one picture on the deck. Cute! There are a lot of interesting gift items and keepsakes on the site, so I love to browse to see what’s new. Maybe you’ll find something that interests you. If so, use code 15OFF at checkout. Discount is good until Feb. 15.

Note: I’ll give an update if and when the memory cards become free again.

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