6.0 Workout is Online and Free-Grab Your Hand Weights and Get Moving

It is here; 6.0 was released a month ago as a paid live program, but now the taped ones are open to all viewers for free. Yay! This is an update from a previous post about Bikini Body Mommy’s fantastic workout program that requires only hand weights, about 20 minutes of time, and features short interval training.  Workouts are posted on her own website which you can sign up for for free as well as you can also get to them on YouTube.


Last week I started this 6.0 program. I finally finished the first week of workouts. Typically, you do one workout a day for six days and then take a rest day. She rotates a cardio routine with a strength routine. At this point, I’m just putting her workouts in between my yoga classes and a few runs here and there. I like the mix of activities. Something she tried that was new was that she taped each of the videos without her normal camera crew. It was a very realistic picture of what life is like with little kids. Even though it looks impossible to workout, she makes it realistic and practical, kids screaming, babies crying; I love it!

One thing that Brianna stresses is the importance of healthy, proportioned eating, which is really important to weight loss, weight maintenance, and energy levels. The other thing is that you must log your workouts, so you can measure your progress. I wrote down my first few days of workouts to see how I was progressing. So far so good.

This week I’ll start week two. I’m excited to what new changes and challenges will be incorporated. If you need a change of workouts, give this quick but effective one a try. With only 20 minutes of time, there is no excuse not to get fit.

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