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Hands On, Interactive Toys for Young Kids to Promote Creativity

If you are looking for fun, interactive toys for kids that do more than just sit on the shelf, these toys below are ones my children have fallen in love with and are engaging time and time again. They would make great gifts for any kid. Some were gifts and some were introduced to me by friends and family. All are fun!

Recently my sister came over with her two kids and brought some toys that I thought were great for kids. One was a cute easel that stands up, is portable, and magnetic; the product is called The Little Red Tool Box: Magnetic Tabletop Learning Easel (affiliate link). I thought I thought it was perfect for travel or to take to a relative’s house. My girls loved playing with it. Her kids received it as a gift, and she thought it was from School House–they really have some of the coolest kids toys, so check them out. After further investigation–from the convenience of my home, I was able to find it online on Amazon for $17.64 and have it shipped right to my door.  There are tons of fun imaginative, number or alphabet magnets that could go with this product. We already have so many at home; the easel was all we needed. Now if only I can get them to share this one. My littlest one below was into putting all the animals on it.


During the same playdate, the kids also played with an oldtimer: Tinker Toys from K’Nex. I also found this one on Amazon for $23.00 for 100 piece set. The kids had a blast making their own structure. All four were engaged, plus the adults. It was easy enough for them to be creative and work together.

The final thing we played with was Bunchems (affiliate links). This one I bought for my niece and nephew. My kids also got two packs of these for Christmas. We had plenty to play with and create all sorts of creatures. My sister, as playful as she is, made a dog using the instructions. Her set is Bunchems Alive (affiliate link) which comes with a ball that the pieces attach to, and it vibrates making the creations come to life. My oldest was happy admiring her creation; she was proud of her work.

Besides what we played with that day, my children also love playing with Sands Alive or CrazSand (affiliate links). There are several different makers of this product, and we’ve played with several of the kinds. They have slightly different textures, but overall they all hold their shape and make indoor play–especially in the winter–fun and exciting. The only downside: the mess. My kids always manage to get sand all over no matter how cautious. We try to corral it in a plastic tub.  Either way it is worth the mess for the fun we have while using it. I bought some sand toys at the Dollar Tree and gave them a couple of plastic cups and plastic silverware. They love it.

What are some of your favorite hands on toys? Leave a comment below if you are willing to share. We always love more ideas for fun family time.

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