Get Creative Grilling Pizza: Fun Creations Sure to Make Your Mouth Water

This weekend we made pizza, but with a twist. Usually, I make a homemade pizza crust and then we build our creations. My husband tried to make our dinner prep even easier by buying Naan by Stonefire which we used as flatbread pizza crusts. Easy peasy.

He had the oven preheating when I got home from Target–getting the mozzarella cheese that was forgotten at the grocery store…Ugh! After looking at the semi-rustic crust and seeing the prodcut name, Stonefire, I suggested grilling the pizza to give it a more cooking over a fire effect. He was on board espeically since it was 56 degrees in Februrary–pretty crazy for Wisconsin!

When making pizzas, the best part is having fun with the toppings. We created a BBQ chicken with caramelized onion pizza; an olive oil, goat cheese, arugula with prosciutto pizza; and a classic sausage and cheese pizza.

All three were delicious, but my favorite was the goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto pizza. I love the fresh ingredients and working with what is in season. Grilling the pizzas gave them a more rustic taste then they would have if they were baked in the oven. It’s the closest thing to a wood fired pizza I’ll get from home. Play around with your own creations. Bon appetite.

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