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Bleu’s Chef Tasting is an Amazing Culinary Experience That Will Open Your Mind and Palate to New Cuisine

We are adventurous food people, but that has not always been the case–for me anyway. Several years ago, my in laws got us a gift certificate to try Chives Chef’s Table. This experience was so unique; it opened our minds to trying new foods on a more regular basis. Since that date night, we have made ourselves or ordered in restaurants goat cheese and beets, fig and arugula salads, and flaky white fish. It was such a fun experience; we knew we’d love trying out a similar idea at Bleu in De Pere, WI.

So for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a gift card to try Bleu’s Chef Tasting. A chef’s tasting involves several courses prepared in front of you by the head chef and team in which the diners have no say in ordering–talk about adventurous. The chefs prepare the food keeping any allergies in mind and get to showcase their skill set by preparing parts of the menu, yet making each dish their own by adding their own twist.

I’ve been holding on to this gift card for a chance at a date night which finally came spur of the moment last night. When our plans fell through due to the weather, we were fortunate enough to get a last minute table. The experience was amazing, and we walked away very full and incredibly satisfied.

From the night, there are a few unique dishes to showcase. It ended up being a four course meal with dessert. We also bought a versatile bottle of pinot noir from the Willamette Valley to enjoy with each course. Each plate was picture perfect and delicious. I was in food heaven.

Our first course was a spinach salad with red onion, a warm maple bacon dressing and a deep fried poached egg. It was such a unique salad; the egg’s yolk broke over the top creating a warm rich dressing, and the deep fried bits acted as a crouton substitute.


The next course was a pan seared salmon on top of a crisp pea and asparagus risotto finished with a spiraled crunchy carrot topping. So beautiful. The lightness of the salmon paired nicely with the richness of the risotto. I liked the crispy carrots and peas.


Between courses there was bread service. A rich homemade chive butter with fresh baked bread. Notice we were so excited to try each course, sometimes I would be a bit too late for the picture. In this case, we took our bread and butter before I could get a snapshot. I’ll have to work on that.

After bread came my favorite, a melt in your mouth, medium rare hanger steak with pea sprouts, asparagus, red pepper, grilled tomato plated with a reduction sauce.


At this point, I’m full. These were huge portions and all so beautiful; I was taking in each and every bite. But, there was one more round to go before dessert.  This last round was pork belly dressed with ginger and carrot puree, three seared scallops, and sauteed greens with bacon. It was so amazing.


Finally, dessert! With the accompaniment of my final sips of wine, we had homemade ice cream with cherry preserve and chocolate crinkle cookie. The homemade ice cream was something I wouldn’t ever order–I usually go rich and decadent–, but this really was a great final touch. I loved the ice cream; I’m still craving a bit right now.


The fun part about the Chef’s Tasting is that you sit right in front of the semi-open kitchen where your entertainment for the night is watching the chefs prepare all of the food for the dinners. It is a spectacular show sure to impress. I’m glad I was able to try out this tasting at Bleu. I now have some ideas of what I’d like to order next time I visit–that is if these creations make it to the menu. I sure hope they do. They were quite the masterpieces.

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