30 Day Challenge Update: February’s Results and March’s Reveal!

Last month I posted the article “30 Day Challenge” which included a Ted Talk (viewable on my previous post) that inspired me to try a 30 Day Challenge. For the month of February which is actually only 28 days, I was able to complete the challenge, but did not sustain daily completion.

February’s challenge was to declutter by getting rid of one item a day that no longer fits my lifestyle.  I started off really great taking the picture of the item and recording it on the app called Thirty which I found for free in the App Store. It is an easy to use electronic journal that helped me stay focused. The app features the ability to write a comment, take a photo, and submit how you feel. Plus, others can follow your progress and encourage you to keep going.


But, two weeks in I was slacking. Because life is crazy busy, I completed the last two weeks of the challenge at the end of each week getting rid of seven items at once. In the end, what really mattered were two things: I decluttered and completed a goal. I see that as successful. Below are some of the photos of items I was able to get rid of throughout the month. A lot of clothes, but also some toys and of course the dreaded paper pile. Clutter be gone!

For March, I am going to challenge myself to eat three servings of vegetables a day. This will be a struggle since there are times I don’t even have one serving a day. This is one I’ll also have to keep up with daily, so back tracking a week later won’t count. Today I met my goal with a vegetable medley at lunch and spinach salad and sweet potatoes at dinner.  One day down, twenty nine more to go!

Two of three servings done in one meal!

If you have any great tips for adding in more veggies, please leave them in the comments. I’ll need all the help I can get!

Did you take on a 30 Day Challenge in February? If so, what did you do, and did you succeed? What will your challenge be for March? Today’s the perfect day to get started.

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