If you are not using this free Target service, you should! It’s the perfect solution for anyone with a busy life.

Late Saturday night–as I was laying in bed–I realized I never made it to Target as planned. Bummed that I wouldn’t be able to utilize the $15 off a $50 cleaning product promotion since the store closed 10 minutes prior and sale cycles end on Saturdays, I went online to see if I could order the items and have them shipped to my house. This would have been a great plan, but the coupon was only available in store. Boo hoo.

Then I noticed another option: pick up in store.

This is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy life that needs the convenience of shopping from home, but doesn’t want to pay shipping or doesn’t want to be tempted by all those impulse buys–I mean who doesn’t go to Target without buying a half a cartful of things that were not on the list? Yes, guilty.

So, this is how pick up in store works.

  • You set your prefered store in your account. That’s whichever store is closest to your location.
  • Then when you select the item to add it to your cart, you click the “pick up in store” button. There are two options: pick it up or ship it.
  • You will get a confirmation email when your items are ready to be picked up in store.
  • Some time that week, you drive to Target, go to the service desk, and show customer service your ID.
  • The employee packs up your stuff, confirms your purchase, and you are good to go. So easy!2017-03-06_20-25-23_380.jpeg

This service will be my go to when I know exactly what I need. In this case, I needed to stock up on my cleaning products–clearly, too many sick kiddos in my household. Laying in bed before turning out the lights, I was able to buy all these items and use the in store coupon. I got this lot for under $37. In store pick up was the perfect solution for my chaotic week.

On a side note, if you don’t have a Target REDcard and are a frequent Target shopper, you are missing out on two features I love. I’m not trying to sell you on getting a credit card. I actually only have the debit version which gets all the same benefits. I just think this is a great thing for anyone who buys from Target regularly.

  1. The first thing is that I get free shipping. There is no minimum purchase needed, so when I wanted to buy my sister–who lives in Colorado–a birthday gift, it was streamlined and shipped free to her house. She can then return the item in store if it is not her taste.
  2. The second thing I love about it is getting 5% off my purchases–essentially it’s like you don’t have to pay the tax on your items. Well, technically you still do, but since sales tax is 5.5% it’s kind of a wash. Every bit helps.

Hopefully you found something helpful here. I’d love to hear from you. Are you a frequent Target shopper? What are your tips and tricks for getting the most savings?

Feedback encouraged. Feel free to leave a reply.

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