Stitch Fix is an Addictive Fix That Brings Clothing Right to Your Door

Cruising the clearance racks was a favorite pastime of mine before having kids. Now that my life is filled with playdates and swimming lessons, I do not have time to spend shopping at the mall. In actuality, the last time I was at the mall, I was overwhelmed with people and long lines, I was ready to leave after entering, but ended up spending two hours and only coming home with one shirt.

Recently, I’ve been eyeing up these cute clothing items my co worker is wearing to work. Every time I asked about them, she said she had received them from Stitch Fix. I’d heard about it before, but after seeing so many cute items, I finally looked into it. After reading the details, I figured it was worth a try, and I was not disappointed in my stylist’s choices for me.

This is how it Stitch Fix works. Plus, my added tips and review of the process.

  1. You complete an online portfolio with your clothing preference, personal style, and sizes. Stick to their sizing chart. I thought I was one size in stores, but their chart said another size (smaller than what I thought). I went with their sizes. Everything fit perfectly! I did have to look up how to figure out my waist size and used a tutorial online (I just had to do step one and two.)
  2. Before finishing my portfolio, I made sure to create a Pinterest board titled “Style” that I added to my account. I think this may be why the items chosen for me were so spot on with my style preference. I also made a note of two items I was in need of in my closet: a jean jacket and olive colored pants.
  3. Then, I scheduled my fix which came in the mail about a week later. The shipping is “free”, but you have to pay a flat $20 styling fee. So, I find it a wash. The good thing about the styling fee is that it is applied toward any item you keep. So, bottom line it is ideal to keep at least one thing.
  4. On the day it arrived, I excitedly opened the modest box that contained my five items of clothing. One by one, I pulled out an item and was surprised that I really did like it all–that must be how they get you hooked. 🙂
  5. I tried each item on to see how well they fit. Unbelievably, they were all pretty perfectly fitted. If for whatever reason an item did not fit, there is an option to exchange when you go to your online account. I didn’t have to worry about that. I, also, did not look at any of the prices until I tried on all the items because I didn’t want to be swayed by the price tag before I made an honest assessment of the clothing. The best part is I was able to pair the items with things in my own closet plus shoes and accessories. Once I decided what I liked, I took a look at the styling card and invoice.
  6. That’s where the sticker shock set in; as I figured, the items were pretty pricey. The jean jacket was around $80 and the pants about $90. I was in love with all five items, so I figured I’d bite the bullet and get them all. When all five items are purchased together, you get a 25% discount. That helped a lot, bring the items down significantly than their non sale prices. My overall order was $200 for five items which included three staple pieces: a dress, jean jacket, and pants.
  7. Since I was happy with my items, I went online to purchase them. You have three days to complete your online survey where you indicate which items you will keep and which items you will send back. Shipping is free to send items back. There is a shipping bag that comes with your order. If you do not keep anything, you lose your $20 styling fee. So, I find it best to buy one item since the fee goes towards the item. That way you are not out $20.


Here are my cute outfits! The only things that were not in my fix were the jewelry and the shoes. All other items were in my box. 

To Recap My Experience

Likes: What I did like about the items were that they were of great quality, soft, and stretchy. They shipped to me, and I didn’t have to spend time finding anything in a busy store. Plus, half of the items were made in the America which is pretty neat. The styles were spot on and neutral, so I could wear the items with anything. I was introduced to brands I may not have ever known about otherwise. In addition, it gets me to try new styles and items.

Dislikes: What I didn’t like was that they were more than I’d normally allow myself to pay in store and some items had to lay flat to dry.

Conclusion: Overall, I do plan to use this service again. I ended up wearing all five items this week to work, so I know I’ll get use out of them. Also, I really love the convenience, quality, and introduction to new brands I would not have known about otherwise, but it will have to be a biyearly fix for me. I plan to use it the next time I need more clothing staples for work which will be in the fall.

Hopefully you found this review helpful to those curious–like me–about this service.

Note: Stitch Fix does not pay me for my opinions. The link above and this one here is a referral code to Stitch Fix from my personal account. Stitch Fix is a subscription service you can change at anytime. I have my account set to only schedule a fix when I chose to do so since I want control over how often I get my fixes due to the pricing. If you are planning to try this service, use this code 10810082 to get a $25 credit–you may have an automatic $25 credit for using the referral link. Only one $25 credit will apply to your account. 

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