March Madness Market at Gather on Broadway

It seems as if everyone is into March Madness these days but me. Fortunately, organizations and businesses are gearing their advertising toward even the non March Madness lovers which appeals to me! With very little convincing from me, I was able to get a friend to meet me at the market with the promise of having coffee and a treat afterward at Kavarna. If you need a recommendation, I’d go with the cheesy artichoke wrap or a side of mac and cheese for lunch. For an afternoon pick me up, a cup of the dark roast Anodyne Coffee and a chocolate chip cookie–yum!

On a side note, Kavarna has a new urban flex space called Leap Room intended for pop-up meetings, events, and retail. It is a neat space that is unique in this area. 

The March Madness Market supported local startup companies that designed and created their own homemade items including but not limited to unique jewelry; signs, sayings and artwork; baby items and clothing; and natural soaps, perfumes and lotions.


Not only was there a great assortment of original items, this event drew my attention to the rental space that I was not currently familiar with called Gather on Broadway which neighbors Kavarna. Gather on Broadway is an urban space that offers cooking classes as well as a room rental for events and weddings. I loved the exposed brick, wood floors, and overall location of this space. It would be a beautiful place to have a wedding, and there are some photos online to prove it.

Although I do not have any big events to plan for myself, I enjoyed this market. Hopefully, an event similar to this will take place again since it was a great way to promote local entrepreneurs. I loved the uniqueness of the items and that the items were made in Wisconsin. What this event had to do with March Madness, I’m not sure, but I did enjoy looking around at all the creativity in the room. It was a fun afternoon spent browsing and catching up with a friend.

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