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A Four Year Celebration: Yoga and Brunch with a Friend

Today I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Yoga and Brunch hosted by Jen Berres, the owner of Jenstar Yoga and Dance, in the honor of her four year anniversary of Jenstar located on Main Street in De Pere. I’ve written about Jenstar yoga in a previous post which I’ve recently updated with new information. Check it out here.

Today was a heated yoga class that was filled wall to wall with beautiful women ready to sweat, stretch, strengthen, and grow in a one hour sweat session that challenged yet brought mindfulness to the forefront of the practice.

Luckily my near and dear friend, Abby, was able to attend this morning. Beating me there, she reserved us some mat space so we could sweat it out together.

Cheers to an awesomely sweaty session of yoga. We rock!

Afterward we socialized while enjoying a beautiful brunch prepared by the owner Bridgett Lowery of 416 Cuisine which neighbors Jenstar. I’ve been eying up some of her cooking classes and plan to sign up for the pasta making class she offers. It is something I’ve always found a bit intimidating to try, but looks like a great learning experience.

This brunch consisted of three different crustless quiches (bacon and onion, spinach and feta, and mushroom and goat cheese), a mixed berry salad, avocado and toast, and roasted potatoes plus a green smoothy. In celebration, Jen popped a bottle of champagne and we toasted with mimosas. Very fun!

If you are looking for a fun class to try, you could certainly try one of Jenstar’s yoga, barre, or dance classes or a cooking class at 416 Cuisine. I’m always up for learning new things; so glad I was able to be a part of this fun morning.

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