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A is for Aardvark: a West African Themed Adventurous Place for Wine

“It’s like Smart Cow for wine,” my coworker stated. This idea intrigued me. I love Smart Cow, and I love wine. It sounded like a great combination and perfect for a girls night out on the town. We decided to check it out.

Aardvark is a self-serving wine bar located in downtown Green Bay on Pine Street (around the corner from Chop House and near the YMCA and Pine Street ramp). You receive a card with a chip that computes your purchases. Each bottle of wine has three choices: a taste, a half glass, and a full glass. Most tastes started at $1.50 and full glasses around $8. Prices vary depending on type, quality, and size of purchase. Having a the smaller sizes makes it so you can sample until you are ready to commit to a larger portion or simply sample all night and never commit! Who doesn’t like options?

There are also tapas available for purchase including cheese, meat, and nut platters; sweet or savory fondue; and various bruschetta options. Whenever trying new places, I always ask for a recommendation. The waitress suggested the African Platter which included aged cheddar, Brie, African chutney, glazed nuts, bread, and two specialized African meats: Biltong and droewors. Both are dehydrated steak, so similar to a gourmet beef jerk. They were very good –a must try.

Overall, this is a unique self-serving wine bar that has a warm, friendly atmosphere. The owner is a beautiful young lady from South Africa who wanted to bring a piece of home to her new hometown. It certainly felt cozy spending time with great friends in this comforting atmosphere on this rainy March night.  Add this one to your list of must visit places.

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