Big, Appetite; Big Burger: The Writing is on the Wall that this Burger Joint Rocks

On every corner there is a coffee shop and a burger joint in most established cities, so how do you find the best one when you can get a burger just about anywhere? Go where the foodies at Food Network give their official Food War stamp of approval. AJ Bombers has some of the best burgers; the writing is on the wall, literally!

Knowing the original was in Milwaukee, I had to check it out. My taste buds were not disappointed.

This popular restaurant decked out with pilot decor and littered with peanut shells had a slight wait but was worth it. Snacking on salty peanuts, made time fly as did reading what previous customers left for scrawlings everywhere.

After the introductions from our waitress, I asked for her recommendations. Two stood out as favorites: the Bomber Burger with a fried stuffed mushroom on top and the Shlitz Fried Onion Burger-featured as the winner of Food Wars.

Both aimed to please and once arrived, were a pleasant beast to tackle, moist, meaty and mouthwatering. With a side of fries to split, we came away assured that Food Network was right again. AJ Bombers knows how to build a great  burger; these were surefire winners.



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