The Art of Shelling Crawfish

Like other shellfish, crawfish need to be shelled to uncover the succulent  meat beneath, but finding the meat–all of it– can be a pain. The shell slipping between my fingers made the first couple of tries tricky. Scrap after scrap of shell later, I was able to get a portion of the tail.

A third of the bowl gone, my husband finally had the insight to ask the waitress to teach us the art of shelling a crawfish.

A local, she explained with detail the process in which a person would get the most meat. The secret was to twist the tail from the neck (and suck out the juice and spices), pull the shell apart like you would a shrimp, and work the meat out of the shell by massaging it it with your forefinger and thumb. The technique was a success. After this new confidence, he was even able to scrounge some meat out of a claw. I was just happier to get out more meat.

Being it was crawfish season, everything was fresh, buttery, and delicious. Certainly, something I’d love to have again someday. And when that opportunity finally presents itself, I should have the skills to get the most for my money and in return have a happier tummy.


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