Beignet Everyday–Okay!

A trip to New Orleans is not compete until you bite into a warm, pillowy powdered sugar pocket proudly known as a beignet. On our short trip we were able to sample at two different cafes.

The well-known Cafe Du Monde was tourist flocked, but did not disappoint. The Cafe Au Lait and beignet were perfect complements to one another. Caked in powdered sugar and warm to the touch, this sweet treat melts in your mouth. It made my first beignet experience one I wanted to repeat.

Sightseeing serve all wards via bike, we sampled our second beignet. This time at City Park at Morning Call. This cafe prides itself with with freshness by not reusing its grease, so these beignets come out extra fluffy. The amount of powdered sugar used is under your control as these come undressed. It was the perfect afternoon treat.

Although very good, I still liked the first beignets just as much. One didn’t have an edge over the other. The extra coating of powdered sugar was a-okay with me, but the extra fluffiness also delicious. Both winners. Not sure I’ll ever be able to find anything quite like it in Wisconsin.

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