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March’s Results and April’s Plan – 30 Day Challenge Revealed

Each month I have chosen a task to challenge myself in some way for the better. In January, it was to blog every day–fail. In February, it was to declutter eliminating one item a day from my life–success. In fact, I’m still getting rid of things frequently. A week ago I went through my closet and got rid of 30 items of clothing! (Read about my declutter challenge here.)

In March, I challenged myself to eat three servings of vegetables a day. I was doing really well. Since I typically eat a serving or two at dinner, I just needed a little boost. Adding things to my lunch like carrots, cucumbers, or a mini salad, helped me to meet this goal until last week when I was on vacation. From the abundance of fried food to the sweet treats in all the bakeries, I took to eating whatever looked good. It was not on my radar to add vegetables nor did I want to pay extra for a salad at every meal–eating out is so expensive. So, unfortunately in March I failed to complete the thirty day challenge successfully.

What I did gain, from the challenge was to be more conscious of my meal structure so that I can include more vegetables. Yesterday, I bought some spinach, carrots, and a multipack of peppers. I’ve already had all three with both lunch and dinner. Plus, as the growing season approaches, adding in vegetables will be that much easier.

These 30 Day Challenges remind me to do things that take care of me. April’s challenge will be to add in 20 minutes of movement a day for a total of 600 minutes of movement this month. This could be anything from going for a walk, a run, a yoga class, or an online workout video. Since some days of movement might be more intense and concentrate on a longer period of time, I will be adding up the minutes letting my total accumulate so that either 20 minutes a day or hitting the total of 600 minutes will count as a win for this month. Root me on for this challenge. I’m excited to get started. To read more about my inspiration for the 30 Day Challenges check out this blog post.

If you’ve been inspired to try the challenge, leave a comment below about what you plan to try for 30 days. I’m excited to see what others are trying!

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