Free, Personable, and Customized: Popsugar Workouts Meet Everyone’s Needs

With April being halfway over and my 30 Day Challenge still in progress, I was looking for more ways to incorporate movement into my day without the boredom of my previous routines. Insert Popsugar, online workouts with a variety of workout types that are free.

The last time she was in town, my sister-in-law introduced me to Popsugar. She was raving about a kickboxing video that she was loving. I thought it sounded interesting, but it was around 45 minutes which was longer than I needed. Then two weeks later, my mother-in-law was talking about a video she tried that incorporated a variety of modifications; again she mentioned Popsugar.  Two people with in two weeks talking about the same website, I guess I needed to look into it.

The first video I found was a fifteen minute No Run Cardio Workout promising to burn calories. Given the length of time and cardio nature, it sounded perfect. As promised there were modifications to intensify or assist throughout the workout. The video featured intervals of ten moves like the Ali Shuffle, 180 degree squat jump, invisible jump rope, and kick crunch. It was playful, motivating, and quick.

Since the first video was a positive experience, I decided to try a second video called Torch 300 Calories in 30 Minutes with Cardio Bootcamp. This thirty minute clip used high intensity intervals, body weight, and hand weights to amp up the calorie burn. With the added weight, I definitely felt the burn during this workout as well as after.  Some moves were more difficult for me than others, so I did find the modifications helpful.

Seeing these workouts are free, efficient, and easily done in the comfort of my own home, I find them to be a great addition to add to my weekly workouts. I’m excited to explore more options and maybe get out of my comfort zone by trying something like this 45 Minute Cardio Dance Class Celebs Love or this shorter 20 minute Dance Cardio Boot Camp. They seem fun and energizing and may be just the thing to get me through the rest of the month.

I love hearing from my readers. If you have any favorites, feel free to share the link below.

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