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Clipping Coupons the ‘Appy Way

Saving money fills me with glee. It literally makes me HAPPY. Like the high you get after a run–Yes, I love that too; runners know this well–, seeing a percentage saved, makes me overjoyed. The bigger the savings the better. But, what I don’t like is when I buy things I don’t need, and clipping coupons can be a pain. Not to mention, you actually need to remember to bring them to the store AND use them! Good luck.

Two of my favorite apps for online couponing saves me the time of clipping coupons which makes me happy. Those money saving beauties are Ibotta and Checkout51. Once you downloaded the app to your phone, Simply browse through the coupon offerings, scan your product’s barcode, photograph your receipt, and your account is credited. Easy peasy.

I recently cashed in on both apps. From Checkout51, I requested a check which came in the mail a week later for $22.50. From the other, Ibotta, I credited my Starbucks account with $25 and bought more coffee– of course.

If you decide to sign up for Ibotta, you can use my referral code. I’ll get a small kickback, and you’ll get $10 added to your account automatically. Plus, we will be on the same team, so we can help each other earn more money faster. That means more cash back for the shopping we are already doing each week. Ibotta also has some produce coupons and no brand specific coupons. It’s awesome!

Checkout51 does not have a referral program, but it is a great app. It is more brand specific which for me means I save less often, but it’s still one I’d recommend checking out. What could be better than a gift cards or cash back each month? Yup, can’t think of much.

There are two other apps I like to use, so that I do not have to carry around percent off coupons or my email offers. Those are Coupon Sherpa and RetailMeNot. With both you can browse for the store you are shopping at, and if that store has any coupons, the app will find them. You have the cashier scan the offer at the checkout to get the savings. There is also a printable and online option.

On a whim Friday, I was shopping at JCPenney and came across a great sale on workout clothes. I pulled up my Coupon Sherpa app and used an offer for $10 off a $25 purchase saving me 60% off my purchase.

Hopefully, you will find that one of these apps will work with your lifestyle and that it is useful to you. I use all four regularly and find myself saving money making me one happy shopper.

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