Finding Neverland is a Magical, Harrowing, and Heartwarming Musical that is a Must See

On Monday, I had the privilege to attend–with two good friends–the opening night for Finding Neverland at the Performing Art Center (PAC) in Appleton which shows from April 17 through April 22 (see national tour schedule). Finding Neverland is a magical, harrowing and heartwarming account of how author and playwright J.M. Barrie came to create the well-known classic Peter Pan.

The story line has many twists and turns that will keep you engaged and the vocals are outstanding. The main character Billy Harrigan Tighe, a 31-year-old from Georgia, does a fantastic job portraying Mr. Barrie, a famous playwright living in London with his well-to-do wife, who struggles to create his next play. With his career on the line, he meets a widowed woman with four adventurous boys who help him realizes that his next play needs to come from deep within.

Two things that really caught my attention from the play were the adult-like acting of the three young boys involved–they were all phenomenal singers and showmen making them a striking part of the show–, and the stellar job of the lighting crew. Unlike the actors, the lighting crew does not typically get the same recognition, but they were a critical piece for this show. Whether it was Tinkerbell’s light or the cast of the shadows dancing around the room, the lighting was what made the show so magical.

Finding Neverland is touring nationally and would certainly be something to look into since it will be in many major cities in the US. If you are unable to see the play in person, this musical is available on DVD.  I have not seen the movie version, but have heard it follows the storyline of the play very similarly. Neverland itself is more than just a magical place where one never grows older; as adults, we can comprehend Barrie’s true intentions for it which makes me think of it in a whole new way.

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*photo credit complaints -Elizabeth Jayne and Abigail Destree

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