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10 of My Best Rummage Sale Tips: for extra cash and less clutter in my life

After a lot of nagging from my husband and the realization that we need more space, I finally got enough motivation to have a rummage sale. What I didn’t realize was that it is a ton of work. We had so much stuff! Luckily, I had some helpers.

One of the weekends, my sister came over to price items with me. Another night both my sister and a friend helped me organize. Then, the day of my sister put out the signs, helped me set up, sell, and take down–no wonder she ordered a grande margarita later that night.

10 Tips for a Sucessful Sale:

  1. Start pricing your stuff weeks in advanced.
  2. Price things low so that they sell quickly.
  3. Label things with large signs. Use tape, twine, or safety pins  to keep like items together.
  4. Have enough ways to display your stuff. If people cannot see it, it’s not going to sell.
  5. Have great advertising and signage. We had bright pink signs that were eye catching. Also, we were a part of a village sale, Craigslist, and Facebook.
  6. Keep accurate records of your money. Especially, if multiple people have items in the sale.
  7. Keep a till with enough $5, $1, and $0.25 to make change.
  8. Be willing to negotiate or take less.
  9. Pull as much stuff out of the garage and onto the drive way as possible so it’s visible.
  10. Donate the items afterward so that it doesn’t come back in the house.

On the plus side, we made some extra cash, and we got rid of some things that were collecting dust. But, what I really enjoyed was the time we spent together on an incredibly beautiful day. We really got lucky with the weather.

Not sure if I’d have another sale again. It’s hard to spend all that time getting ready. Plus my girls being around during the prep created more work. How funny is this picture though? She stuck it on herself–as well as several others in her hair. Priceless!



One thought on “10 of My Best Rummage Sale Tips: for extra cash and less clutter in my life

  1. These are some really good tips and it looks like you had a really good de-clutter. I could definitely do with doing this as my little girl has outgrown so much stuff. X


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