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Enjoying All the Comforts of New Orleans One Sip at a Time

When visiting New Orleans, I really enjoyed the food. There were so many choices from French and Israeli, to more traditional Creole cuisine. Really, a palette and plethora of choices to please everyone. However that was not the only thing that stood out to me on our visit. There was one particular beverage that we fell in love with and just had to bring back so that we could enjoy New Orleans in the comfort of our home. COFFEE!

This morning, as I’m blogging on this rainy Sunday, I am enjoying a comforting cup of coffee that is roasted right in New Orleans; it’s a premium dark roast from French Truck Coffee.

French Truck Coffee – Premium Dark Roast

We came across this brew by accident when we had breakfast at The Ruby Slipper Cafe on Canal Street which is in the French Quarter District.  It was a quick group decision, but seeing the large line when we approached the restaurant confirmed we made a good one. I ordered the The Southern Breakfast with two eggs over easy, stone-ground grits, applewood-smoked bacon, a buttermilk biscuit and a fried green tomato plus a cup of coffee. From the coffee to the biscuit, the whole order aimed to please. It was the first time I tried grits which I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate as much without the cinnamon butter; it gave it an edge of sweetness which paired well with the creamy texture.  It was also the first time I tried a fried green tomato. Both were good in their own way. I prefered the crunchy fried tomato over the creamy grits, but it all went well with the rest of the food and especially with the coffee. My favorite part– by far–was the homemade biscuit and French Truck Coffee.

The Ruby Slipper Cafe – Southern Breakfast

In fact, we liked the coffee so much we made sure to order two bags as soon as we got home. I’ve deemed this my weekend coffee since I can really sit back and enjoy the cup in its entirety without the rush of the work week where I’m slamming down what is in my travel mug just to stay alert. Which is why I am sitting here this damp Sunday morning, deep in my thoughts, enjoying my last cup. It is easy to say we will be ordering some more in the near future so that the comforts of this New Orleans coffee continue to brighten my weekends and remind me of my fun, adventurous travels this spring.



2 thoughts on “Enjoying All the Comforts of New Orleans One Sip at a Time

  1. Did the coffee place have a yellow truck? If not, what is the reason for the yellow truck. I need answers.

    – MW


    1. We did not actually go to the place where the coffee is manufactured. On their website they do show the owner in front of a yellow truck similar to the logo, but I have no idea what the significance is behind the truck. Now I’m curious too!


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