June’s 30 Day Challenge Revealed

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJs mention that June 1st is “Say Something Nice Day.”  Many listeners were calling in to thank the radio station for their program and sent warm wishes to others they had thought about like grandparents, parents, spouses, co-workers, etc. After thinking about it, it seems silly that we need a day to say nice things. Shouldn’t we be doing this all the time? Um, yeah.

Regardless, it set off my inspiration especially since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to commit to this month. So, for June, I’ve decided to dust off the stationary and load up on stamps; my goal is to send 30 letters, emails, postcards, or notes. Any form of written acknowledgement will count and any amount per day. As long as I complete 30 total, regardless of the day, I succeed–Let’s hope I’m not writing 20 on day 30. I’m looking for ways to brighten peoples’ days, to say nice things, to acknowledge awesomeness. A day just wasn’t enough; I’m going for a month–and hopefully won’t stop there.

Just know, there is a chance you’ll be getting a hello, great work, or a thanks for just being you soon. I’m soaking in some much needed. warmer weather and sharing this sunshine with everyone–okay only 30 people, or at least I’ll start there. Even so, this is one I’d like to make contagious, so pass on the love. Be inspired by “Say Something Nice Day.” If it means you only send one letter, it’s one more person’s day you can make great. I mean who doesn’t like getting a positive message or better yet mail?

If you’re interested in my 30 Day Challenges, see how I was inspired here.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share, like, or comment. #365daysofnew

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