The Iced Drink I’m Hooked on Right Now

Earlier in spring, I broke free from my standard Starbucks order, extra hot Caramel Macchiato, and tried the Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. It was a delicious find; I figured since it is finally hot out, I’d give the iced version a try. I’m normally not an iced coffee kind of gal, but this did not disappoint; it’s a treat! I may even like it better than the warm version. However, they really do give you a TON of ice; therefore, I ask for them to go light on the ice so that I can get a little extra drink. I also prefer one less pump of syrup to decrease the sweetness. For a grande, it only has 210 calories which makes it a fun summer treat to enjoy on a patio or at the park. Unfortunately, I’m enjoying it while I’m grading papers, but that’s to end soon; less than one week left!

Isn’t it pretty?! Swirls of coconut milk and espresso, yum!

On a side note, as I’m sitting here sipping on my recent find, I realized I needed to reload my Starbucks gift card. Luckily, I have enough Swagbucks saved up to reload my Starbucks account and keep me happy for the rest of the summer. I had a friend recently join me on my Swagbucks adventure, and she also was able to redeem her first $25 gift card for Amazon which she plans to use to buy a gift for someone. If you’re at all interested, see my post here with tips for the easiest ways to earn. It’s the way I’m able to continue to enjoy these summer treats.


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