Nobody Has to Know: The Tasty Mix that “Fakes” Homemade

We love Annie’s products, from the pancake mix to the mac and cheese, this company makes a great organic product. While browsing in the aisles at Woodman’s, I discovered the Annie’s Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. It was a must buy since I was in an indulgent–I just completed another school year–need a fix mood. Um, double chocolate, yes please!




That night my girls and I stirred together the dry mix and three ingredients: eggs, water, and oil. Thirty minutes later we had warm, gooey brownies–with ice cream of course! These ones were almost homemade like, very rich, fudgy, and decadent for a boxed mix. My only complaint was that two days later they did start to dry out and crumble; however, that’s an easy problem to solve; eat them all right away. I mean who has leftover brownies? Right??

This makes a small 8 x 8 batch which is perfect if you have a few guests over and need to throw something together quickly.  All in all, I’d buy Annie’s Brownie Mix again to have on hand if I need a fix or want to “fake” homemade for guests (Well, now you’ll all know my secret).

What is your favorite quick fix or homemade fake out?

A happy treat-loving consumer! 

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