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A Gem of a Wine Bar in the Heart of Downtown De Pere

After having pizza one night at Bilotti’s, I walked by Virgola, a wine bar originally founded in New York City, sandwiched between the pizza restaurant and a clothing boutique on Broadway in Depere. The sign barely visible, it was hard to even see it from the street. Intrigued, I asked a girlfriend to have an impromptu girl’s night before she went off on a weekend getaway. She accepted, and a week later I went to check it out.

That night I ended up waiting awhile; in the process, it gave me a good amount of time to get acquainted with the menu and talk to my waitress. She had a spunky personality and was willing to chat giving me the scoop on how to pronounce the name of the bar. She said it is veer-go-la like a car veering off the road, and it means comma (,) in Italian. So, the idea for the wine bar’s name is based on the intention of a comma which is a pause in a sentence. It is a place to pause, take a break, come in to enjoy oneself and others with a glass of wine. Loving punctuation, I thought the name was catchy.

Virgola is making a name for itself due to its fresh oysters. Unfortunately, they were all out the day we were there due to the demand. Tapas and wine are also on the menu, and I chose a glass of red wine and a cheese platter with fig jam and crostinis. It was a great place to enjoy one another’s company. Although there was no live music that night, there is often live music. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere, wine, and good company. Just wondering when the next girl’s night will be?


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