Total Pick Me Up: Copper Rock Coffee & a Cookie

Some days I’m just dragging. I need a little something special to get through the day. Well, today that pick me up was a cup of coffee and cookie from Copper Rock. I was walking right by the restaurant/coffee shop on my way to the Children’s Museum in Appleton, and it dawned on me that I was meant to go in and try it out.

Picking out which cookie to buy was the hardest for my five year old. She stood at the counter a long time before she would commit to anything.


I chose a bold roast coffee. We paid and left for the museum. Everything hit the spot on this dreary day, and we were happy customers.


However, neither girl would share her cookie with me. Lesson learned, next time I’ll buy my own!

Recently, Copper Rock opened a new location in Green Bay where the old Hinterland used to reside. The outdoor seating is lined with pergolas, potted flowers, and greenery which looks inviting. I’ve heard good things about the restaurant so far, but of course will need to visit for my own opinion. It is on my list of things to check out this summer. I’ll add an update once I go there.

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