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30 Day Challenge June Results!

June was all about sending love, affirmation, and well wishes to others. 30 letters in 30 days. These could be in the form of an email or handwritten letter. I bought some brightly colored, fun cards from Target and was eager to get to work.

Did I meet my goal?

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat TOTAL
1 -1 note to student & treat 2






1 letter








8 -card to principal 9 -4 emails to parents 10


5 letters


12 -9 emails to parents 13 -1 email to parent 14








10 emails




20 -1 email to friend 21 -7 emails to parents 22






8 emails












28 -1 card to family



29 -9 mailed & hand delivered to friends and family 30 -3 cards to family



13 letters

Grand Total = 37 delivered!

I started off by writing emails to the parents of students that probably never get an email from a teacher. Their child follows the rules, participates, and is kind to others. I decided these were the parents that should hear from me most! They needed to know that I recognize their child as a great kid. There is too much time taken in a day writing disciplinary emails that these positive emails are so easily forgotten, but I think they are incredibly important.

After completing affirmation in my work life, I examined my personal life. These were the most thought-felt letters of the lot. I spent a good deal of time crafting each letter for the recipient. Some I was able to hand deliver with a treat and others I mailed. I figured both would be fun surprises either way. Although it was my challenge to write letters, I meant the words I expressed.


June’s challenge was by far the most fun, rewarding challenge I’ve completed to date. There was a lot I learned in the process that I didn’t realize when I started.

  1. It takes a good amount of time to come up with what you want to say.
    I wanted each message to be personal to each recipient. I spent several afternoons crafting letters to loved ones.
  2. People were really appreciative.
    As soon as someone received the letter, they would write me back. I had parents and students moved by my words, as well as, friends and family thanking me. It was something I didn’t realize would come from the experience initially.
  3. I can’t reach everyone.
    This was one of the hardest ones to mentally overcome. There are so many great people in my life. I had a hard time stopping at the 37 letters I wrote! But, I needed to stop somewhere, so if I didn’t reach you this time, I still think you are great! ♡♡♡

In the end, it was a great experience. Not sure I can top the good feelings everyone got during this challenge on both my end and the recipients. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to send a letter to a person you’ve been thinking about recently. I’m sure he or she would love hearing from you.

Dear reader,
I have one last letter to write to you–so now I can make it 38 letters, right? 😉 I greatly appreciate your support. Without you, this blog couldn’t be as successful nor as fun to write since writing is really all about having an audience. Thank you for your time, comments, likes, and shares. They do not go unnoticed!

Hugs! xxx

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2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge June Results!

  1. This is unbelievably inspiring, like wow. I want to do this!! I love old fashioned mail, too. I moved away from my hometown in high school and was so delighted that my old friends were willing to write me actual letters and send me snail mail. Stuff like that is so nice.
    I love your blog. So many good ideas…!! ❤


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