It is here! 30 Day Challenge July Goal Revealed

It’s time to reveal my 30 Day Challenge for July. So, this month I am going to complete four do-it-myself projects around the house that need to get done. My goal is one project a week, but as long as all four get done by the end of the month, I consider my goal met.

The four projects are as follows:

1. Landscape the Shed 

This has been on our list for over a year when we ordered the shed last summer! It’s more than time to get this project done.

2. Create a Photobook from My Last Trip

This one takes so much time, but I went to New Orleans over three months ago. I need the photo storage on my phone; therefore, it’s time to make a photobook so I can clear some space.

3. Paint the Bathroom in the Basement

Again, a project I’ve been talking about for a year+ now, and I never complete it. I bought the paint; I just need to get to work.

4. Construct Something to Hold My Jewelry

My current location is not working since my children are always getting into my jewelry. I have very little pieces that I could wear due to so much damage. So, I recently bought about a dozen pieces, and I need a nice place to keep it all. Not sure what this will look like in the end, but I have ideas, and I’m excited for the final product.

So, enough typing today, I’ve got worked to do. If you want to read more about how the 30 Day Challenges began click here. And if you want to participate, leave a comment about your 30 day plan.

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