Sadly My Last Taste of New Orleans

As I sit at my desk this morning, I reminisce about my recent trip to New Orleans. Praline in hand, I slowly inhale as I breath in the sweet, rich scent of this tasty treat before taking a bite and chasing it with my cup of coffee. This trip allowed me to try so many samplings of what New Orleans’s food scene truly offered: seafood, fried food, sweets, and more. As I nibble each bite, I want to savor this moment.


Throughout this trip, I took a food journey. I tried many firsts: grits, crawfish, alligator, beignets, and pralines. Being a bit of a foodie, I enjoyed each new experience and am inspired to try a few in my own home–maybe something for a future post.


This is my last post about all the new things I was able to try on this short and much needed getaway. Hopefully, you enjoyed a look at this unique city. I’ll leave you with five general but uniquely New Orlean things I loved experiencing while there.

Top 5 Favorite Things About New Orleans

  1. The Different Cultures’ Food Available (read about one here or this classic New Orleans treat here)
  2. Music on Every Corner!

    Street Musicians near Bourbon Street
  3. Above Ground Graveyards – so interesting!

    Lafayette Cemetery II
  4. Neighborhoods and Style of Housing (read about our bike outing here

  5. Friendly People from all Over the World

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