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30 Day Challenge for July — Progress Update

So far, during the month of my challenge, I’ve never given an update to my reading audience, but I thought that this time, since there are four different projects involved, I’d let you know where I stand. If you don’t know or remember my July challenge, read about it here.

With the month is more than halfway over, I’m needing to get my butt in gear. Right now I am in the middle of my photobook trying to get a little done each day.  These take me a LONG time because I like to write a little about each day of the trip. Are you surprised? I mean I am a writer, so of course this is a must, but it is super time consuming! I’ll keep plugging along. but realistically know I’ll be finishing this the night before my challenge ends. I’ve since realized I would also like to make a photobook for my recent trip to Denver—more to come on this since there were a ton of new things I tried. Um, one at a time right?

The shed project was finished yesterday! My husband did more than half of this project. There was a lot of heavy lifting, and he had some down time this month, so he offered to help. I gladly accepted his help!

We added a brick border, dirt, plants, flower box, and mulch. I think it looks much more homey. What do you think?FullSizeRender.jpg

I painted the window box, my husband moved the bricks (free from neighbor), we hauled dirt (free from the villages landscaping drop off), added mulch, planted flowers, and decorated.

The painting in the bathroom needs to get started. My sister comes this week, and she said she’d help me with adding a detail to one of the walls. Unless I get this project done today or tomorrow, it’s not happening with her in town. I’ll be so busy spending time with her, so everything else will be set aside.

Lastly, the jewelry holder is still up in the air. I have ideas for my project and have purchased some items to create the look I think I want, but so far I have not actually taken the time to assemble it all.

So, as you can see I am in the middle of three different things right now. Only one thing is checked off my list. Will I make it in the end? Follow along to find out. It’ll be a tough one.

How about you? Anyone inspired to try a 30 Day Challenge? Love some feedback. Check out my original inspiration here. I’ll check back at the end of the month.

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