My One and Only Restaurant Week Outing – The Cannery

We are nearing the end of restaurant week in Green Bay. It is a week long event– this year it’s Thursday, July 13 to Thursday, July 20—where resturants in the area offer three courses (appetizer, entree, and dessert) at three different price points (lunch $10, dinner $20 or $32).  It’s always a week that excites me, and I love making sure to catch at least one meal with a friend.

This year a friend of mine and I decided to try The Cannery. The menu looked good, and we both wanted to try a restaurant we have not been to yet. Our lunch date was set for Friday. We tried making reservations, but the restaurant didn’t make them. It ended up being just fine. Although it was busy, we were seated immediately.

My first thoughts were that the building was very cool.  The rustic yet urban look made the environment feel casual and laid back. I loved the mason jars for water glasses and wooden table settings.  There is also a market inside the restaurant where you can buy food items.

The menu looked good, so it made ordering difficult. I made sure to get different options than my friend, so that I could have a broader opinion of the food selection. 2017-07-14_11-35-00_463.jpeg

I ordered the House Salad, Smoked Turkey on Baguette, and Puff Pastry Trifle. My friend ordered the Smoked Limousin Beef Bruschetta, Jamaican Beef BBQ Sliders, and Strawberry Short Cake.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the food. It was “good”, but I’ve had better. I felt I could make a much better salad myself. The roasted cauliflower was good, but it needed some toasted nuts or a stronger cheese. The sandwich had too much bread and needed a bit more sauce to balance the turkey. However, the fries were excellent. I normally wouldn’t rave about french fries, but these really were that good–I’d take more. The dessert was the best of the three courses. No complaints there, and something different than what I’d make myself.

I did sample my friend’s food too. I liked the bruschetta, but thought there was a bit much horseradish sauce which overpowered the rest of the appetizer–I wanted to taste the meat too. The sliders needed a bit more sauce, but the beef had nice seasoning.  The dessert was pretty good, but no different than my strawberry shortcake recipe from home. Of the two meals, I liked hers better.

I feel perhaps I should give the food a second chance–when it is not restaurant week, but due to the lack of impression it left me, I probably won’t unless someone else picks it. My parents rave about the Chicken Trio and half priced bottles of wine (with a purchase of two meals) on Sundays–could be worth checking out. Otherwise, I’ll stick to going there for a drink–the bar is neat and the beer selection is good, perfect.

What was really great about the restaurant was the service. My waitress kept our drinks full and the food timed perfectly. It’s a pretty big space, but it was well staffed because people were seated and served right away.

The website for restaurant week is here. There are over 50 restaurants participating! At this point, there is a little less than 48 hours left until restaurant week is over, but there’s still time. Will you check out anything in the next two days? Perhaps you already have? For those readers living else where, do you have anything like this in your town? It’s such a fun way to try new restaurants and new foods for a great deal.

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