Out with the Old, In with the New – My Visit to Hinterland’s New Location

Well, it has finally moved this spring, and I have bittersweet emotions about the process. I LOVED the old location, the old building, the downtown vibe. But, sometimes change is good. The location is closer (across from Lambeau Field), the building is ultra modern, and the menu is revived with new choices without losing all of the old beloved favs.

As always the food was really good. Everything we ordered–other than the beer–were things I have never had at Hinterland.

I’ve had both the dinner entrees which are fine dining prices, and smaller portions, but are excellent! As well as, the upscale pub food which usually consists of shareable plates. This time we went with two appetizers and a meal to share. We started off our first course with beer and oysters on the half shell. Delicious! I loved the homemade cocktail sauce. It gave it just the right amount of flavor, just a dash of spice, without overpowering the food.

Next, we had a baby arugula salad with coppa, pickled beets, candied pecans, goat cheese, and sherry vinaigrette. Why do beets have to be so good? And The goat cheese is a must.  The color was pretty. I loved it!2017-05-27_13-18-48_911.jpeg

Our main course was a wood-fired mushroom pizza which we shared. It was really good. I loved the arugula, goat cheese, mushroom combination, and clearly, this was the theme of the night. We must’ve been hankering for some arugula and goat cheese…lol. It’s like we couldn’t get enough. Sometimes I’ll make a similar pizza at home, but I can never get the same results as a true wood fired pizza. The crust is doughy and soft yet the top is toasted beautifully. Delicious. 2017-05-27_13-38-47_659.jpeg

All in all, I loved the food and will be back. It was very busy for a Thursday night. We ended up being able to claim two seats at the bar avoiding the need to wait. I’m hoping that the novelty of the new location will die down after a while so that it’s not completely bananas in there, but it’s good to see the restaurant doing well. I’d be sad to see it go. Hinterland makes good food and brews good beer. It’s a win win if you are looking for a place to go.

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