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30 Day Challenge July – The Bathroom is Done!

Wow, what a change a can of paint can make! I checked another task of my to do list this weekend when I put the finishing touches on the bathroom. The walls went from a sterile white to a cool Early September blue from Behr.

Painting is such a pain in the butt. It takes a ton of prep: removing screws/nails, outlet covers, taping off and tarping, etc. I found this handy dandy edger that became my bff for the ceiling and trim. Of course, no job is complete without blue painters tape. Do you think I have enough?

At first, it was a bit too blue for me. Sometimes change is tricky to get used to. But, after painting a stenciled detail as an accent wall to break up the color and rearranging the accessories,  I decided I like it.

Here is how it looks. FullSizeRender (6)

All the white accents really pops now instead of it being a bland space where nothing really stood out.

The blue inspiration came from the Great Lakes pictures above the toilet. I love the brilliantly blue hues in those photos.

The shelf was moved from behind the door to a more visible location which creates a usable space to welcome guests. The blue towels from prior to painting are a bit off color, but will work in the space for now until I find a suitable replacement. So far, I haven’t had to boy anything to make this room look and feel different. All it took was a can of paint and some creativity.

Also, a special thanks to my sister, Abby, for helping me hand paint the accent wall. We used a homemade stencil to draw the lines and then we painted over them. Of course, no job is complete without helpers! Both girls wanted to be involved. The oldest was “helping” paint the stenciled detail, and the youngest was painting with watercolors at my feet. It was a team effort. ♥♥♥

Two tasks done (see the shed results here). √√

Two more to complete. I’m making progress with both my jewelry holder and photo book; however, I just realized the month is coming to a close soon! Where did all the days go? Time to get back to work.

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