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7.26.17 – It’s time for Amazon Hit or Miss!

Ding, dong. That sound makes my heart skip a happy beat as I race to the door to collect my most recent Amazon purchase(s). The thing about Amazon is that it’s highly addictive since everything is right at your fingertips –or computer click–and it’s at your door in 2 days provided you have Amazon Prime which also includes free shipping and so much more! It’s a shopper’s–and mother’s–dream. So, when it comes to shopping online, Amazon is a place I frequent. My husband is even on board and will make many of his own purchases using the site. Many times I can find exactly what I am looking for without having to go to other sites.

Okay, enough is enough. Time to get to what this post is really about. Today I’d like to bring to you my Amazon Hits and Misses of the week. I’m talking about those products I’ve purchased this week that I’ve either LOVED or needed to send back — for whatever reason.

First up, these Fergalicious Ankle Booties (affiliate link).

I am in need of some black booties and these looked so adorable online. They have a suede exterior, medium, stable heel, and cute lattice front with a zip up back. I was soooo excited to get these today. So, how did they actually stack up in person? AMAZING!

They were just as cute as the photo. Comfortable and true to size. I am KEEPING these! And the price couldn’t be beat. Check them out here (affiliate link).


Next, on the list was a bag from ZMSnow in grey (affiliate link).

It is a lightweight work bag which is exactly what I needed since my current work bag ripped out on the side. It is sooo adorable. I love the color, but it is too small for me. It did fit my laptop, but I need more room for all the essays and assignments I bring home to grade. I also like to carry my lunch in my bag. Apparently, I need a suitcase…lol. I soooo wanted it to work because the price is awesome, but this one will need to go back.



I threw in a pack of Crayola Window Markers with Crystal Effects (affiliate link)as an addon for my girls as well as to maybe use at school.

As for entertainment for the girls?

HIT! They were so entertained.

Using it at school?


The colors are not dark enough for my liking. I like bold and dark for better readability. But they do crystalize and wash off easily. The girls had a blast with them! For under $5, they are a fun item to have on hand when for they get “bored”.


Finally, I got this super cute band (affiliate link) for my Fitbit Alta HR (works for regular alta as well).

It is leather and has a clasp. I thought the color was right and the material felt of nice quality. It makes the Fitbit look more like a watch than an activity tracker. I love it! It’s a perfect addition to my other bands and the price is amazing! Hey a girl’s gotta accessorize.

This one is a keep. Check it out here (affiliate link). I bought the leather weave in grey. There are over a dozen options to chose from. I have my eye on a few sparkly ones. What do you think of this or this (affiliate links)?  And most are under $13!


Well, everyone, that’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more Amazon Hit or Miss in the future. Have a great weekend!

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