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30 Day Challenge July – The Jewelry Holder is complete!

There must have been a dozen stores I visited to find a jewelry holder that would work for me. And many of these stores had several options, but nothing had everything I wanted. I had a specific vision in mind, and the premade stuff just wasn’t cutting it. I also looked online and found some contenders including this one here (affiliate link) which less than $18 was a great price, but was missing the earring holder I desired even though it had a shelf. Also on Amazon, I liked this particular one here (affiliate link) which had all the elements I wanted including a bracelet holder, but thought it might be a bit too small based on the reviews If it wasn’t for the size, this was my choice! I wanted something that would hold all of my jewelry, allow me to expand my collection, and be a statement piece. So what did I do? I created my own.

When I saw this shelf at Michaels, I thought it had potential, but I wasn’t 100% sold. 2017-07-21_15-06-31_041.jpeg
I liked the rustic charm and shelving, but it was not the right direction for me–I needed it to be more horizontal. It made me think that maybe there was still something out there? I was pretty sure I could make the shelf into something great, but it would need a little work. So I kept searching, thinking I could find something else.

Next, I found this recycled crib at a secondhand store called Ye Old Goat in Appleton (more to come on this store later). 2017-07-21_14-38-45_112.jpegIt was pretty cool. I liked the color and uniqueness, but the shelf was a little wide, and I’d have to add more earring holders. I still gravitated back to the original shelf at Michaels. It seemed more my style.

I was able to get the Michael’s shelf at 60% off, so the original price of $80 came down to $32 after coupon.

So, with time ticking, I decided I might as well make the shelf work, and I am so pleased I did! Here is the result. 2017-07-29_12-35-49_765.jpeg

How did I get here???

I needed a few things, but not much! This is something you could easily do on your own to create your own jewelry holder. Trust me! I’m no handy girl.

The materials I needed were two packs of C Hooks. These are super cheap. You can find them at any hardware or craft store for around $3 a pack. I also bought a thin dowel rod which was about $1.50 from Michaels. I already had a little white paint at home to paint the dowel rod, so I was all set.

I manually twisted the hooks into place on the bottom of the shelf. I chose to screw these in on the underside due to the shelf’s sides sticking out so much. I didn’t want my jewelry floating so far out. 2017-07-21_15-26-13_395.jpeg

Then I twisted in two C Hooks (one on each side of the shelf for the dowel rod to hang off of so that I could store my bracelets off of it. I had to paint the dowel rod and trim it to size.

Other than adding some cute decor and hanging all of my jewelry, I was done! This project took less than a half hour from start to finish once I had all the materials gathered. The total cost was around $35 for a ton of storage space and a totally unique piece. Don’t you just LOVE the results?!

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