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Get Inspired: Take an Unused Space from Bland to Beautiful!

Need a little home design inspiration these days? Usually I go to Pinterest to find what I’m looking for or to be inspired, but lately I have a designer right at my fingertips. My sister, Abby, is not a designer by trade–she’s actually a music teacher, but she is incredibly good at transforming a space.

Her best tips for homeowners is to use what is already in your home and repurpose it.

“I love using what I already have and working with it in the house. Feels new again!”

If she cannot find what she is looking for in her own house, she makes a trip to the store or searches on Craigslist. Her favorite home stores are Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. Both have cute items at practical prices.

Her most recent home additions were to her living room and basement. In the living room, there was just odd empty space under the windows since the fireplace juts out. She added a side table under each window to give it a “built in” look. The tables also have mirrors to reflect light. One table she already had in the basement, so she only had to buy one more. Making this an amazing addition to the space and pretty cost effective.2017-07-26_09-48-09_289.jpeg

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The second project she tackled this week was in her basement. There was an odd nook that wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.2017-07-25_19-28-15_228.jpeg

A few Pinterest inspirations and bouncing ideas off of her family members, and she had an adorable space that made a statement. She painted the nook with chalkboard paint and added her own handwritten message, accessorized, and stenciled the wall. She states, “The littlest things make a huge difference.”2017-07-26_13-59-22_353

The items for this nook were again shopped from within her home and the rest were found at Hobby Lobby.

I did my best to find similar items online (affiliate links).

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I love the new look of this space, and it appears functional for gatherings and entertaining. 2017-07-26_15-00-50_642.jpegI will say, it’s nice to have someone that has such great design taste in my life. She helped me stencil the bathroom wall and shop my own house for the accessories the last time she was in town. If you haven’t already seen those bathroom results, check them out here.

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