Ordering from The Singing Donut is Music to My Ears

In the fall, we discovered a donut making operation in Fish Creek that customizes cake donuts using an assortment of ingredients like sprinkles, cookies, bacon, syrup, sugars–you know everything you’d want on your sweet breakfast treat. Inside this tiny building the employees are bustling with action as they prepare their customers’ made-to-order concoctions.

When planning our family vacation to the area, one of the first things I knew I wanted to do was visit The Singing Donut. The donuts are so fresh, and I love trying the different varieties they offer including some of their more popular ones like the Shakira (vanilla, crushed butter cracker, & raspberry drizzle), Cher (caramel, mini chocolate chips & sea salt), Scooby Doo (vanilla, Fruity Pebbles & chocolate drizzle), and Kevin Bacon (caramel, bacon, sea salt). Of course you can always make your own. We created a maple & bacon and a traditional vanilla with sprinkles.

Oh so delishious! I’d like another dozen right now please!

The Singing Donut is located in the Harbor Court Shops off of the main street in Fish Creek from 7-1pm daily.  If you are taking a trip to the area, it is worth your time to stop and check out this shop. One bite and you may even start singing a happy tune. Haha, okay maybe not, but your tummy and tastebuds are sure to be happy. That is guaranteed.

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