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Looking for Unique Home Items: Ye Old Goat is for You

Treasure hunting–as my mom calls it– is always a fun activity to do. I especially love going to rummage sales to find my treasures, but sometimes the Wisconsin weather does not permit this kind of adventure.

Recently, my sister introduced me to Ye Old Goat in Appleton — there is also one in Oshkosh. It is a resale store of renewed and recycled items with a mix of homemade things as well. The store rents out space to different vendors. Each vendor sets up his or her own storefront or booth within the store itself. With over 75 uniquely filled spaces, it is likely you will find something that interests you and suits your style and taste.

My main focus for my trip was to find something that I could use to make my jewelry holder. There were many frames, shelves, and other unique items that were sparking my creativity. This recycled crib rail was made into a shelf. I love the blue color and wonder about the interesting story this item must hold. It was a one of a kind piece. 2017-07-21_14-38-45_112In the end, decided to go with the original shelf I had purchased from Michaels that I had to reinvent myself. If you haven’t checkout my blog post about the creation of my jewelry holder, you can see it here. It is now it’s own one of a kind piece.

For those of you that live in the Fox Valley area and are in the mood for a treasure hunt or have been trying to search for a unique item for your home, try Ye Old Goat. You may find a few treasures or two that–of course–no one else will own.

1919 E Calumet Street
2755 Algoma Blvd

They also have a Facebook page. See it here.

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