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My Love-Hate Relationship with My Fitbit

Somedays I LOVE this relatively small, micro computer I have strapped around my wrist, other days I HATE it as it reminds me that I failed to meet another goal. Did I walk far enough, sleep well enough, and earn active minutes? Oh why do I torture myself so?

However, I am a glass half full kinda gal, which means I can usually see the positives or silver lining with most things. The same goes for my Fitbit.

So, let me break down my love-hate relationship with my Fitbit for you.firbitpic


Sleep Tracking – I refuse to use the sleep feature. It reminds me of how “awful” I’ve slept even if I didn’t think I slept poorly. One look at my stats for the night might say otherwise and will put me in a funk for the day. This one is best left unknown. If I think/feel I had a great night of sleep, then I did. End of story.

Challenges – This is a love-hate for sure. The challenges do motivate me to really move it, but I hate that I always lose. I know, I know, no one likes to be a loser. But I’m talking last place out of four competitors. My family likes to do these challenges once in a while, and it does get me to move even more (like thousands over my 10,000 step goal), but I NEVER win–like I don’t even come close. I’m not sure what they do to get so many steps–maybe put it on the dog or set it on the Roomba–the secret is not out. Okay, I’m totally kidding. They are really fierce competitors! #maybesomeday #can’twinthemall #yougogirls

Tracking Steps – Although tracking steps can be a way to measure fitness, it isn’t the only way. Some days I lift weights or do yoga. All great activities that will keep me fit, but the Fitbit only tracks steps (not reps, not chaturangas).

Design – Not truly something I hate. These have come a long way and are cutier than before, but they are still chunky. Fortunately, I’ve found some pretty cute bands for awesome deals to help me out on this one. I couldn’t stop with one; I had to get three. Here are two styles I like to switch out regularly, and luckily for me the price it’s so affordable to do so—sorry now you’ll want one in every color too!! (affiliate links)

Alta Bands (also fits HR)
Metal Band
Leather Band

Charge Bands (also fits HR)
Metal Magnetic Band
 Leather Band



Reminders – I love that the Fitbit reminds me to move especially when I’m sitting at work or here writing this blog post. Oh, what’s that you say Fitbit? 28 more steps needed. Hold on everyone while I get up to get a glass of water. #nailedit

Digital Display – It is easy to see what time it is, and the display will update when traveling or during daylight savings just like a cell phone. Only downside, I find the display hard to see in super bright sunlight (so like when I’m at the park during the day).

Weekly Data – It’s neat to see my progress for the week. Once a week I get a report showing how I compared to the previous week. It makes me compete against myself which is a much more realistic goal for me.

Celebrations – I love the firework display that alerts me that I have met my goal. It’s a great feeling, and I get excited every time. Everyone loves instant gratification.

Oddly enough, this was a gift to myself this Mother’s Day. I was borrowing the Fitbit Charge HR and decided I wanted something slimmer, so I ordered the Fitbit Alta HR. So far I’m pretty happy with my decision. It is a good motivational tool to keep me active during the day, has provided me with social opportunities like walking the halls with my coworkers, and, in general, is my time keeper which is essential at work.

For now I’ll have to keep battling this one out seeing as it’s a tie. Anything you find to have a love-hate relationship with in your life?

A special thanks to all my followers! I’ve now hit just over 40 of you wonderful people. Hooray! Thanks for reading and feel free to like, comment, or share. ♥ #365daysofnew

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