What’s Trending for 2017: 6 Fall Clothing Trends You’ll Likely Love

It’s that time of year again where kids go back to school and parents are gearing up for fall. Not only are you picking up new items for your child, but you may also be buying for yourself. So the question is what should you update from your current wardrobe?

After gathering and observing what people are liking, following, and buying for this upcoming season, I’ve put together a list of what’s trending and what is losing steam for fall. Now don’t go donating all your old wardrobe, there’s plenty that is staying and somethings that are still going to be around, but–as always–the fashion world is taking a new twist on old styles. How else would they make any money?

Below are some of the trending items this fall.

1. Sneakers are Trending

Specifically patterned and colored ones–think leopard, floral, and glittered. Last season the all-white kicks were on the rise, but these patterned options allow you to dress up an outfit. One thing is clear, women want to be comfortable and casual is winning over fancy.

Some more than adorable choices of sneakers that’ll keep you stylish and your feet comfy here and here (affiliate links).

2. Stripes are Trending

Especially stripes with an additional pattern. Think stripes with floral. They give a pop of surprise. What is fading out is the soft, flowy floral patterns with lace. We love those romantic boho tops, but they’re losing steam in the fashion world. Baseball , twist tees, and tunics are still popular.

A striped option here. A patterned one here (affiliate links).


3. Jackets are Trending

Okay, when are jackets not trending? This season’s trendsetters are looking at bomber, moto, and utility jackets. They are perfect for layering especially in the cooler fall weather.

A few that are flying off the shelves – utility , bomber, moto (affiliate links).


4. Athletic Wear is Trending 

I’m sensing a theme: comfort. Soft and durable pieces that are great weekend wears are still in from the past. The softer the better. Fun sayings and unique pieces make athletic wear interesting and eye catching. Yay to this trend staying.

Beloved favorites pants here and tank here (affiliate links)

5. A Released Hem is Trending

The same fringe or released hem that was on our capris this spring is still very stylish this fall. It’s a bit of a change from the skinny jeans with clean lines that have been trending for the past few seasons. The lighter washes are coming back too opposed to the super dark indigo blends, and distressed is also fun for weekends or casual wear.

See some great options here and here (affiliate links)

6. Neutral Plaids are Trending

Plaid is always fun and comes around time and time again. The more neutral tan colors are in this season. They can be worn on coats, skirts, and scarfs, keeping things casual. All would look great with a neutral top.

One of each: Skirt here. Coat here. Scarf here (affiliate links).

Things that are still in from last fall are tunics, leggings, and booties as well as layering your look.

Hopefully, this will help you pull together some outfits you truely love for this fall. I know for me personally, some trends I go with and some I just don’t. I tend to keep a more neutral and classic looking wardrobe and add in a new piece here and there. One thing is for sure, the crisp air, scarfs, boots, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice scents will be here before we know it.  Even though fall is my favorite seasons, I know I’ll miss the warmth when it’s gone. So, keep soaking in the rest of those summer rays–while wearing your sunscreen of course–because cooler weather is on its way.

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