Welcome to Friday’s Fashionable Finds: Looking Your Best for Less

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram following some fashion bloggers who really know how to pull together a cute look. I’ve even purchased a few items that were posted and find it fun to see how they always look so polished. When I started 365 Day of New, one of my six categories of intended posts was to be about fashion, but as I looked back through my blog, I realised I rarely talk about anything fashion related. These ladies inspired me, and I wanted to add something new to my content.

Now, I am by no means a fashion guru; however, one thing I am pretty good at is finding cute items at a reasonable price. All of my friends know I love a great deal. Rarely, do I ever buy anything unless it is on sale, or there is a coupon. And, I hate looking frumpy. Even on a “relaxed” day at work, I still pull myself together with at least some earrings to accessories my basic look. So, on Friday’s I’m going to write about a fashionable accessory or clothing item I’ve eyed up during the week.

Ready for this?

My first item is from the help of a friend. I figured if I don’t find it myself, I’ve certainly got some fashionable friends that are always willing to share a cute look or two. As friends, we need to help each other out. Right, Ladies?!

This accessory gifted to me. My friend found these super adorable toe rings at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI and online at (not the most professional looking site but cute products). While most can agree that feet are odd, we, women, are always trying to make them prettier with either polish or accessories. This cute stack, silver braid accented by silver bands, is only $25 on their website and comes with three separate stackable rings. Prices range from $7 to $167 depending on metal and quantity.

The neat thing about these toe rings are that they are fitted. In order to get the ring on your toe, you’ll need to use Windex or something soapy. But, once on it is good to go and will stay in place comfortably. If you need to take it off, same thing, Windex. There is a sizing guide. Follow it carefully when you measure. The first time we measured both of our rings were too big. The company was very good about exchanging the rings, but it took a long time to go through the process. Luckily, it was worth the wait; see at how cute these look!

Toe Rings from and polish is Deborah Lippmann’s Blue Orchid (affiliate link) from my FabFitFun spring box.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this fun accessory item. I’m looking forward to bringing more things like this to you in the future. I’ve also created a Facebook page to add some fashion and accessory items that look fun and trendy. If you follow the page, I’ll have a few posts a day–nothing too overwhelming; I’d never keep up! 😉

If fashion is not for you, no worries. I’ll still be writing about all the new adventures, places, and things that come about in my life. It’s all about trying new things here at 365 Days of New.

If you like today’s content, feel free to like, share, and comment. I love hearing from my readers. #365daysofnew

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday’s Fashionable Finds: Looking Your Best for Less

  1. I always love a blog that shares different ways of looking cute on a budget! As a college student I find it hard to allocate some money for clothing and as much as I want to look cute, I often go way too long without shopping and when the time comes I have no idea what to look for!!

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    1. I completely get what you are saying. My husband says I still have the “college mindset”: to save save save. So glad I can help you out. My Facebook page @365daysofnewblog has daily deals too. 🤗


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