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August’s 30 Day Challenge Side Dish – Easy Broccoli Slaw with Raisins

Over the weekend my husband made some bbq wings and ribs paired with homemade cornbread and just-sliced watermelon. My role was creating some type of coleslaw as a side dish. I chose a recipe from The Spruce which you can see here.

After contacting the creator of the recipe, I was unable to post the whole recipe here on my blog, but I took some of my own pictures. If you like what you see, this is an easy side that is packed with flavor. The first photo is the ingredients.  Really, all I had to do was mix everything together and let it sit. So simple.

My favorite part of the recipe is the bacon. It gives it a touch of salt and the raisins balance the side dish giving it a sweet finish. I did not have sunflower seeds on hand, but I think they would have made the dish even better, adding a touch of crunch. It was the perfect pairing to our meal. Not to mention I was super pleased to be able to use some raisins since we bought a two pack from Costco! #win #buyinginbulkeatinginbluk

The recipe made too much for our family to eat in one sitting, so I got creative and put it in a wrap with some turkey lunchmeat the next day. Look how awesome it turned out!IMG_8358Stay tuned to see if I complete the 30 Day Challenge this month. Time is running out! Two new recipes down and two more to go.

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