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August’s 30 Day Challenge Results

With summer coming to and end, the days just kept slipping away from me. I’d try to savor each morning and didn’t always want to leave my house to rush the kids around to library storytime or other activities because I knew that this hustle and bustle day-to-day grind would be coming soon–as it always does–with the start of a new school year. So, I hung out by my computer many mornings with a cup of coffee, laid in bed reading internet articles and browsing Facebook, and sometimes I just slept in. I was really eating up those last days of August.

So what did all of those lazy, sleepy summer days mean for my goals this month? Well, it meant that I really didn’t pay too much attention to them. Just to refresh your memory, my August goal was to find new recipes where I would make one cocktail, one side dish, one entree, and one dessert over the course of the month. If you want more details, you can read the original blog post here. Now, I did make a few new dishes, but in the end I didn’t complete my goal in its entirety. #blameitonthesunshine #coffeecalls #lazysummerdays

Let’s start with my successes.

#1 The drink

I found a new summer drink when we spent a week in Door County. It was so simple; it doesn’t even really count as a recipe, but it was certainly new to me and did involved mixing two things together, so it’ll count for my cocktail. The new-to-me drink is a Gin and Tonic. It’ll be a refreshing addition to your patio drink repertoire, and one you’ll be sure enjoy into the fall. You can read about the backstory here.

#2 The Appetizer

I needed an appetizer for my Yahtzee night which is held once a month at a friend of my mother-in-law. I was adopted into this neighborhood group, and it is so much fun. I decided to make a Zesty Bean Dip for the occasion. You can read about the recipe here.

Now for the things that didn’t actually meet the “requirements” of my goal.

#3 A Side Dish

Creating a side dish was not in my original post. I did however make a broccoli slaw. It paired amazingly with our bbq ribs and chicken. I loved the salty sweet combination unique to this recipe. Even though it wasn’t a part of my goal, I’m still glad I gave it a whirl. Check out the article post here to read about the slaw.

#4 The Entree

On my list was making a new entree. I made an awesome sweet potato skillet from Pinterest. The problem is that I didn’t realize my husband made the same recipe in the spring–no wonder I liked it so much…lol! Now that we both have made it and liked it, we will add it to our weekly rotations. You can find the recipe here2017-08-16_16-52-13_205.jpeg

What did not get made from the list? The dessert! It seems so odd as I absolutely LOVE sweets, but this month I felt like there were desserts everywhere I turned. When it came to making one myself, I just wasn’t interested. I have a few in mind that I will make at some point when I’m not feeling so sugared up. One I am eying up is a this amazing looking chocolate caramel tart with sea salt.

Stay tuned for my reveal of September’s 30 Day Challenge.

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