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September’s 30 Day Challenge Reveal

I am a week late to post this 30 Day Challenge reveal. Not only have I been crazy busy with the start of a new school year, but I also didn’t have any true passion for a challenge this month until last night when we went swimming as a family. I didn’t want to go; I was cold and tired, and it was a school night. But, I dragged myself along to do something as a family. I wasn’t going to be the fuddy dud of the family.

It turned out be a lot of fun. The girls got tons of energy out, continued to work on their water skills, and we enjoyed some laughs together.  The time spent together was priceless. It got me to thinking with everyone spending so much time apart perhaps my challenge this month could be about being together as family.

When my daughter brought home her first sheet of  kindergarten “homework”, it solidified my desire to want to complete this challenge. Her assignment is not so much about her, but about us completing tasks as a family. We have to pick three activities a week to do together. They are super simple things like color a picture of her teacher and list three things about her or find all of the letter b’s on a page of a book. Things we can certainly do. After we are done with work, school, daycare, and dinner, there is very little time left. I figured the least I could do is be present during those two short hours before the kids go to bed. These activities will remind me to do that.

Between the swimming and the homework, I’ve made my decision that my 30 Day Challenge is to spend uninterrupted time as a family. No distractions. No cell phones. Just time where we do something together. My goal is to complete three of the small tasks from her homework with her during the week and to complete one larger family-fun activity that we will do all together each week. Swimming together will count as our first activity. I’ll keep track of the other fun things we do throughout the remainder of the month. Stay tuned to find out how the challenge goes.

If you want to learn about my inspiration for 30 Day Challenges, read about it here.

Also, my August’s challenge results can be found here.

I’m hoping some of you will decide to join me by creating your own challenge this month. If you do, let me know, and I’ll link up your blog results in my September results post at the end of this month. Good luck!

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